Business leaders on the wisdom of WiFi

According to reliable sources, Tencent has put the WiFi sharing platform to key locations, entry point is through the public. After in-depth exchanges with many sectors of the industry, to talk about how this is an entrance.

Concrete implementations know there are 2, one, the app provides a WiFi sharinginterface, to the router manufacturer. Launched with an appropriate micro-signal to the public, users in support their respective places of interface of wireless network coverage, open to the public, see sharing it for free WiFi, selected a key that can log on to the Internet.

Another equally Tencent WiFi sharing based on micro provides an open interface,businesses support the router in its place. While businessmen opened a public number, users simply take notice of the public, and Internet access. Thus, tiny letterswill become a key element in free WiFi, thus occupying the entrance.